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Services and Coverages of Sanitas International Residents

Sanitas Residents

Sanitas International Residents is a specific health insurance for foreigners that includes the most complete coverage, with the highest quality and access to the extensive medical staff of Sanitas and other centers or specialists by means of reimbursement of medical expenses.

Start enjoying all the services offered by Sanitas Int. Residents:

  • Coverages included in Sanitas Residents
    Primary medicine
    - General medicine, pediatrics, nursing services, ATS, emergency services ...

    Access to all medical specialties
    - Dermatology, traumatology, gynecology, ophthalmologists, etc ...

    Diagnostic tests
    - Clinical analysis, ultrasound, radiographs, etc ...

    Therapeutic methods
    - Rehabilitation sessions, cancer treatments, etc ...

    Surgical interventions
    - That require or not stay in a hospital.

    Dental Coverage
    - 30 services included and discounts of 21% in the rest of treatments.

    - Hospital admission and stay.

    80% expense reimbursement:
    - With a limit of € 150,000, to go to any specialist or medical center worldwide.

    Repatriation coverage
    - Transfer to the country of origin in case of death.

  • Additional contracting coverage
    Pharmacy Coverage
    - So that your medications cost you only half.

    Optics Coverage
    - To help you with your optical material expenses: prescription contact lenses and prescription glasses.

    Alternative Medicine Coverage
    - So you can go to the professional you choose and benefit from reimbursement in homeopathy and acupuncture.

    University of Navarra Clinic
    - Now, you can access the prestigious Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the new center that will open its doors soon in Madrid.

  • Services included in the insurance Sanitas International Residents
    Second medical opinion
    - Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige.

    Emergency assistance during trips abroad
    - Up to € 12,000 / year.

    Sanitas 24 hours
    - Emergency telephone service and medical advice.

    Sanitas Welcome
    - Telephone support in English 24 hours to expedite efforts.

    Online management
    - Request for appointments, download of analytics, reimbursement requests, medical authorizations, etc., through the Mi Sanitas customer area.

Informative Document Sanitas International Residents 150.000€
Informative Document Sanitas International Residents 300.000€

Sanitas Residents

More than 40,000 professionals from our medical team

The best national and international specialists at your disposal, in addition to the maximum technology in diagnostics.

Sanitas Are you coming?

** 10% discount for 4 or more insured

10% discount for life over the net insurance premium for contracting new family policies of Sanitas More Health, More Health Plus, More Optimum Health, Sanitas Real Madrid and Sanitas International Residents of 4 or more insured. The discount will be maintained while the policy is in force and current payment and with 4 or more insured. The new policy must include at least four new insured persons, understanding as such those that have not been from another Sanitas policy in the 6 months immediately prior to the effective date of the policy. Promotion not applicable to collective policies or the contracting of optional accessories.

Sanitas International Residents

Why choose Sanitas?

  • Second medical opinion

    Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige.

  • Own centers

    Access our exclusive centers with the latest technology.

  • Choose the doctor you want

    Enjoy access to more than 40,000 professionals in our medical team.

  • Experience

    We have been dedicated to health for more than 60 years.

  • Telephone and web consultant.

    Telephone and web platform attended by health professionals with general advice programs.

  • Online management

    Request appointments, download analytics, requests for refunds, medical authorizations, etc.

Contracting conditions

Periods to have full rights

The periods of lack indicate the time that has to elapse between the discharge in the medical insurance and the possibility of using certain services. Only the following services have periods of lack:

Outpatient Surgical Interventions
3 months
Diagnostic tests of high technology
6 months
6 months
Delivery or caesarean section
8 months
The following complex therapeutic methods: interventional cardiology, hemodynamics, interventional radiology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and lithotripsy
10 months
Hospitalization, non-ambulatory surgery or hospitalization regime
10 months
Tubal ligation and vasectomy
10 months


This product does not pay co-payments or extra costs in addition to the monthly premium. There are no franchises either.

Sanitas International Residents

Age of Hiring and Permanence

The maximum contracting age for this product is 64 years.

There is no maximum age of permanence.


Discount for 4% annual payment

General conditions Sanitas International Residents

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As we know that you care about your health and that of your family members, we offer you the health insurance that best suits your needs.

Sanitas Insurance

With our health insurance Sanitas first, Sanitas more optimal health, Sanitas plus health plus and Sanitas more health, Sanitas Blua, Sanitas professionals plus, Sanitas professionals, Sanitas International Students, Sanitas International Residents, you can access more than 40,000 medical professionals and 1,200 healthcare centers throughout Spain. In addition, you can enjoy a national network of exclusive Sanitas centers.

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